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Hello world, I’m pleased to let you know that we are trying to make a difference in the world, starting off with our home in the UK. I’d like to introduce you to wegree, our app, or well it will be our app. We are currently beavering away building something that we think will solve some of life’s little problems, and some of the big ones.

“So what is wegree” I hear you say, “why should I care about your app”, both great questions, and I will answer these now. I have spent my short 33 years on this planet without wegree, but this hasn’t stopped me from being proposed and offering agreements, on small things like tidying my room as a child, to big things, like buying a home with a partner. These agreements come in many different ways, from handshakes to promises and all the way through to signing my name on a dotted line. 

However, I have never really formalised any agreement. Maybe this is because I find them a little impersonal, feeling that if I trust someone I should be able to rely on their word. Or maybe, it’s because I’m tight-fisted and wouldn’t want to pay a solicitor to write one. Maybe it’s because legal agreements are too complicated, and use complicated language to make sure our legal professional's jobs are safe. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because there wasn’t anything like wegree around. 

I’m known as a product manager, that’s my career. Us product managers have a saying, “you should always eat your own dog food”. Sounds a bit gross right? Well, what it means is that if you want to make something good, you should experience it, and find out for yourself whether it really is any good at all. I had a bit of a bad experience earlier on in my life, which, like so many things,  revolved around a flat, and a girlfriend. Young love as it always stands doesn’t prioritise solicitors and paperwork and instead looks at dreams of the future and nest building. Well, unfortunately, the statistically probable happened one day and we split up, dreams having moved elsewhere. But some things

 hadn’t moved, like the flat, and the mortgage. Even when breakups are mutual, they can still get unpleasant and when money is involved then you can bet your bottom dollar they will get very messy. 

So, long story short, agreements that were made in good faith, were not very well documented. Don’t get me wrong, there were some, hidden in an inbox here, a text message there or a WhatsApp over there. When it came to legal action being forced, then that’s when I wished I had wegree, that's when I thought; hey, why on earth didn’t we write all this stuff down, and agree to it, somewhere that we could both find no matter what happened in our personal lives. The answer is simple, we were busy, we didn’t have a single place to write it down and we’d already given 000s to solicitors buying the house, we definitely didn't want to give them anymore. So that's what wegree does, it’s quick and easy to start, you have one place for all things agreements, and it’s really affordable, and even free. 

I hope that wegree can help you make life a little more stress-free. Make agreements with people you trust, you live with and or you love. Protect them and yourself, but do it in a conversational and understandable way. We are just in the process of building wegree, so I’m sorry that you can’t download it just yet, but we are looking for feedback, if you’d like to share your thoughts or experiences then get in touch team@wegree.io.

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I'm a product manager, engineer and devils advocate on most topics. When I'm not doing my day job, I'm thinking of new products, hiking or listening to surrealist audio books.

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