Head of Legal

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About wegree

Wegree is a UK based legal tech start up with global ambitions that seeks to change the way everyone views and makes contracts. 

Imagine being able to create agreements in your day to day life with just our mobile device and for the process to be accessible and friendly. Allowing anyone to be able to get the protection they need regardless of their wealth, legal knowledge or technical ability. We have built wegree to do exactly that. 

If you are looking for a part time commitment and a slice of the action in a legal-tech start up then you may be the person we are looking for. 

The Team

Wegree has been founded by a team of three, two tech experts and one product expert. We are now seeking a marketing expert and a legal expert to add to the mix. 

Work is conducted remotely with regular catchup and alignment sessions. 

We have a strong focus on personal sustainability alongside an ambitious drive to build a successful business. 

We operate to a lean strategy which empowers experimentation to achieve a world class product. That means we aren’t afraid to take risks and learn from mistakes.  


Currently a small team, but we will be looking to expand as wegree grows and the legal advisor will be a fundamental element of the team

About You

You will be an experienced legal expert who is passionate about creating new solutions to current and future problems who wants to be a steering voice within an early stage startup. Ideally you will be active in social media and be willing to be an advocate of wegree products and services. 

The ideal profile for this role is;

  • Experience working within contract law
  • Experience working within family law
  • Experience with international differences in legal systems (USA, commonwealth)
  • Experience with legal tech products a preference
  • Active member of social media
  • Interested in creating products to remove the barriers for all people to access legal protection
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Happy to invest time and knowledge in return for equity

About the role

Initially the time commitment for this role will be low and that's why it's described as an advisory role. The primary purpose is to help guide the product in its existing format and be an outspoken advocate of wegree’s products and services. 

  • Actively engage with feature planning
  • Advise on implications of product changes on efficacy of the product
  • Advise on product roadmap and highlight potential opportunities or threats
  • Commit to regular meetings once a month with potential additional sessions for feature planning. Meetings are outside of standard working hours and will generally be during the weekend or weekday evenings.
  • Be confident promoting wegree for marketing messages 
  • Support with investor pitches
  • Assist with the legal aspects of running a startup

How to apply

If you are interested, please send your CV to jobs@wegree.io.